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Thirty years ago an idea was born. From vision and ambition, via action and resolve, the idea grew into one of Norway’s leading agencies in the field of culinary marketing.

Our creative core and headquarters are located in the heart of Homansbyen in Oslo. Here some thirty talented and skillful employees work hard to fulfill our clients’ ambitions.  Photographers, designers, filmmakers, a chef/food stylist, a copywriter, and separate sections handling web and print production are all gathered under one roof.

Inkognito is a culinary force to be reckoned with, driven by a vision of creating delicate solutions to bring forth feelings of joy and delight. Few agencies can match our expertise and taste when it comes to the art of dining.

As of 2014 we expanded our field of expertise in order to provide our customers with our most complete package yet. This thriving department focuses its effort on professional movie production and in-house TV solutions.

We aim to focus and strengthen our existing qualities, but also to make room for new directions in line with our explicit goal: to be the very best when it comes to culinary marketing.

Enjoyed by 1,1 million readers per issue, Coop Medlem is a magazine written, designed and published by Inkognito. Over the years our in-house chef and master food stylist has composed several thousand unique recipes. This is but an appetizer from our comprehensive menu. We have also produced several cookbooks and travel guides.

We work closely with Coop, Tine, Prior, Gilde, Stena Line, and Grete Roede, among others. Coop, having been with us for more than twenty years, is our oldest and most revered client.

Norway’s most exquisite photo studio?

Our main offices in Homansbyen also contain two of our photo studios. However, our flagship studio is located in Skiptvet, an hour’s drive from Oslo in the direction of Østfold. Alongside our accounting and distribution divisions, in idyllic, countryside surroundings, is a first-class photo studio furnished with state-of-the-art equipment, built specifically to facilitate food shoots and movie production.


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